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Rudy Project

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Rudy's cycling helmet Project, model Wing57 Black/Yellow fluo Matte: Aero helmet-Tri-Road faster and Aero in the world.

Wing57 ™. The revolutionary new weapon against Rudy Project time
Rudy Project is poised to once again revolutionize the market for helmets from triathlon and cycling time trial races with a high technological product, the result of an intense and in-depth engineering research developed in collaboration with top expert on aerodynamics, the John Cobb. The result is the new amazing Wing57 ™ helmet.
We have perfected a winning concept.
Built on the success of the award-winning Wingspan ™ (the most helmet worn in 2011 and 2012 in the hardest triathlon in the world, that of Kona, Hawaii), the Wing57 ™ has been tested in the Pininfarina wind tunnel and found the fastest among the best helmets in its class. Wing57 ™ is a patented technology solutions, has an excellent weight distribution and a unique aerodynamic design and protective combined with an unmatched aesthetic appeal.

The latest technological response to the quest for speed.
Designed in collaboration with the legendary aerodynamic guru John Cobb the new Wing57 ™ has been subjected to intensive studies in the wind tunnel with the goal of becoming the best time trial helmet on the market. Through numerous tests, Rudy Project engineers and Cobb have developed an innovative queue geometry capable of delivering amazing performances in any aerodynamic position and with each back profile. The comparative tests, which use sophisticated simulation software, showed that Wing57 ™ is, without doubt, the most aerodynamic helmet aerodynamic in the market in the world of cycling and triathlon.

Accelerates the ventilation. Boosts performance.
Rudy Project designers have devised an innovative proprietary system for channelling air flow increases ventilation inside the helmet. Through scientific design of geometric lines and side openings of the Vortex helmet Killer ™ System redirects the air flow, main cause of friction and instability, as well as the back of the helmet. The air is then pushed over the neck and shoulders of the athlete, to a different intensity and volume than the air coming from the opposite direction.
This system conveys a lot more fresh air inside the helmet: the Open Air Director ™ creates zones of high/low pressure, on each side, so that the air from the right opening flow towards the opposite air extractor in the queue. Also thanks to this increased ventilation speeds up the evaporation of sweat by offering relief to the athlete and physical performance are maintained at the highest level.

From nature to cutting-edge technological solutions.
Taking a cue from efficient Anatomy of sharks, defined by thousands of years of natural evolution, biometric Rudy Project engineers have designed the cover of Wing57 ™ which is capable of converting oblique forces in a frontal thrust. The Dorsal Ridge ™ provides a larger area only when necessary, as in the case of a crosswind, deviating through the fin effect air flows to reduce torsional forces. The front section is optimized to ensure maximum aerodynamic penetration.

Air conditioning in one click.
The body consumes energy to cool your body. Rudy Project uses the aerodynamic science to do it. Wing57 ™ has a set of modular and removable covers made up of 2 elements, one closed and one on goal, to be inserted between the ventilation opening front to adjust the air access. In this way you can check the ventilation and aerodynamic efficiency as a function of environmental conditions and keep your body at peak efficiency.
With the helmet on closed configuration, we achieve a better aerodynamic efficiencies and reduced ventilation: recommended for short and medium competitions.
The network configuration is a good compromise between ventilation and aerodynamics. Allows air to pass through the traps and cool temperature, protect itself from insects and maintaining good aerodynamic efficiency.
The open configuration is the best solution for long distances and with very high temperatures. Maximum ventilation is necessary to keep you cool the athlete's head.

Compete with less pressure.
Among the main innovations of the helmet, improved weight balance by moving forward the center of pressure by reducing the length of the tail and the addition of material on the front of the helmet (Dorsal Ridge). This has made it possible to restrict annoying rotations of the helmet due to lateral wind thrust.

Becomes the external forces in speed.
The new shape of this helmet offers all the advantages of wing shapes of NACA (National Advisory Committee for Areonautics) to reduce the energy expenditure required to cleave the air. The shape of the shell is designed to channel effectively the air coming from every direction in order to increase the performance speed.

More aerodynamic efficiency.
Less fatigue.
A long-tailed helmet ensures an extraordinary efficiency in case the wind both front. In most cases however are changing environmental conditions, such as during long races against the clock, and often affects the air sideways on the helmet, producing a greater sail effect as the helmet surface involved. This forces the neck muscles to countless requests to force your head to hold the same position.
Frontal and lateral section of enhanced proportions and the innovative design short-tailed Wing57 ™ torsional forces diminish, and then fatigue and allow you to concentrate completely on athletic performance.
This combines the effect of Dorsal Ridge ™ that diverts the air flow and conveys them in order to reduce the resistance and allows the athlete to go faster, with less energy expended.

Customizable queue configuration.
Wing57 ™ has magnetized fastback, and removable disk, which can be applied at the Air Director as its natural extension, improving the performance depending on the configuration of the back and shoulders. More a profile of the back is flat, the greater the distance between the rear of the helmet and body surface. The aerodynamic was designed to fill the space between the extractors of the helmet and back with a flat profile and to emphasize the Vortex effect Killer ™. The result is improved aerodynamic penetration and greater dispersion of hot air from the head.

Unmatched optical protection.
The fully integrated and removable visor ensures maximum protection, improves aerodynamics, eliminates the annoying reflections and reduces eye strain. Developed by Rudy Project RP technology-polycarbonate OpticsTM the Wing57 visor ™ combines an ergonomic cut with outer protective coatings for sight against the harmful UV rays thus minimizing eye strain.

Ready instantly.
Every gesture is wasted time.
Direct experience in race Rudy Project engineers have devised a brilliant solution to fit the helmet in the shortest possible time. The helmet's straps were anchored directly to the pillows so that wearing a helmet with a single gesture and instantaneous. The cheek pads are also fitted with ducted antibacterial material bearing carrying out hot air and allow a transmission of noises from outside.

The battle against time is a matter of results. We have them.
Wing57 ™ was developed and tested in the Pininfarina wind tunnel enhanced by using the expertise of aerodynamics guru John Cobb and Rudy Project Engineering Team.
The data extrapolated using the most sophisticated mathematical models have shown the incomparable aerodynamic efficiency of Wing57 ™. The results of the comparison with the main category helmets obtained by measuring the resistance on a representative sample of riders with different profile and back with different yaw angles showed that wind Wing57 ™ is absolutely the best helmet with aerodynamic performance.
Example of one of the countless simulations performed with the constancy of three key variables: same runner, low power machine, front air impact equal to 0°.
40 k TT race simulation with a cyclist representative sample (category age group) of approximately 178 cm tall and weighs 84 kg which makes on average 320 watts.

Worn by leaders.
And the pursuers.
The Wing57 ™ is currently used by champions of Cannondale Pro Cycling Team, accompanying them in their many successes and is also chosen by leading international triathlon athletes as Pete Jacobs (Ironman World Champion in 2012), Timo Bracht, Yvonne Van Vlerken, Camilla Perdersen, and many others.
Wing57 ™ is a winning choice for their record-breaking performance.

Color: black/gray/yellow opaque.

S/M = 54-58 cm
L = 59-61 cm

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU HL53001
Brand Rudy Project
Product category Cycling Helmet
Color Black

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